Listening to Music That Throbs

I like listening to music with the volume set so high that it makes my body throb; as if waves of energy are pulsing through me.  

I like listening to music that has that beat that makes me want to move and dance and raise my hands to the one above.

I like listening, yes, to music, but I like listening.  I like listening to the world as she moves through the celestial vacuum, circling a beautiful star.  I like listening to people talk in a language I don’t know.  They could be saying anything.  For me, they are saying only the best things; only the most beautiful things fitting for an Earth circling a beautiful sun.

And when I hear people talk in a language I know, it is of war and strife and violence; and it scares me.  The most powerful who speak my language say the words that wreck havoc without a clue to the damage they do to our Mother Earth, our world circling, our beautiful Sun.

So, I listen to music that makes me throb and when I think of dark things grotesquely inspired by speakers of my native tongue, I turn it up a little louder, and the One above hears it as well and takes me to where He is; and we dance together in Holy Embrace, and this Earth, our Mother Earth, may yet continue to circle a beautiful Sun. 

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