An Indelible Mark

An ancient myth details the journey of our souls to this Earth.  It is at that moment of our conception, our souls are created.  At that very moment, God kisses our souls and the kiss leaves an indelible mark.

In the journey through life from the moment of our incarnation, this seal burns sometimes bright and at others not so bright.  In our moments of darkness, it is that kiss from our Creator that gives us a pulsating beacon, a lighthouse to guide us, less we dash our feet on the sharp rocks over which God’s angels carry us; God, with whom we struggle.

In prayer, as we seek to listen to God, we seek this indelible mark, the sure proof of God’s love for us.  Once we have learned to recognize this burning sign of God’s love, we can return to that place to give us strength especially when we lose sight of the distant shore.

For me, when I first realized God, I saw the sun rising above the horizon.  It was at that moment, I saw the impression on my soul where God kissed me and sent me on my way.  It burns brightly and like a lamp in the night guides me back to my First Love.

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