A Particular State of Life

In order to perfect the Universe, God calls each of us to perform in a particular state of life.  If all of us on this planet of ours followed the longing in our hearts as placed in us by God, this planet would take a step forward in the perfection of the Universe.  Unfortunately, we do not follow that longing and our world is in Chaos.

We seek a delicate balance between what we want and with what God wants.  Anyone who has ever seen a balance in operation knows that it is shaky and goes back and forth, never really reaching a stable middle point.  That is because there is never a way to balance and achieve a stable middle point between two things.  In this race to perfection, we must choose to come down upon one thing or another; or be in a constant state of quivering anxiety and perplexity.

In fact, the middle or center of anything is probably the most not-sacred place to be.  Equilibrium is not gained in the center.  It is won at the edges.  It is won by the fringe (anawim) of society who acknowledge the longing in their hearts and follow the promptings of God.  This perfection of the Universe and equilibrium of the fringe is where we will be most at peace; not at the center, balancing competing things.  No one is really ever at peace balancing the noise in life.

While we might think that those at the fringes doing odd things are the most un-useful to our Grand Society; they are really the ones tipping us towards perfection.  As we all know Jesus, our God, was with the fringe for this reason.  There is no equilibrium at the center; it exists where we set aside ourselves and our needs for a Greater Good.  A greater good that can only be discovered by following the sacred longing placed in our core by God.

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