Ownership of Ideas

Ownership of ideas is a really funny idea.  We don’t really own anything anyway for when our corporeal bodies stop functioning, any ownership we think we had ceases to exist; which is probably the best proof that we really own nothing at all.  Our ideas that we seek to copyright and protect under law so that we can make a bucket full of money are not even our ideas.  Our current forms evolved over millions of years to house the intellect of our immortal souls that progressively move from body to body; our ideas move with us and are shared among all souls in the empty space we call God.  Everything that we are is really nothing more than the amalgamation of everyone else in consonant sharing.  When we withhold our ideas in order to profit from them at the expense of those who cannot afford in this lifetime the same ideas, we are in reality violating a sacred trust we have in union with collective unity of one another.  Unfortunately, there are some who also violate the sacred trust by adding nothing to the world of ideas; merely being sucky calves leeching off of a dying cow.  Balance is most important in the end; a middle way between the sheer cliffs of human folly ensures ultimate progression for all.

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