My Desert

I had to take a walk into my desert far away from the lights of my beautiful city.  I had to go into the darkness and sleep in the crevices of my rocky despair.  I took no solace from the wind of God on my face or his cool water on my parched tongue.  I walked so far to a point where there was no god; only me and the scorpions biting at my heel.  I heard my ever-near companion confirming my doubts; mocking my despair.  And then one day, a man came across the dunes to where I lay withered and dried up.  He took me in his arms and said nothing.  He gave me nothing.  He did nothing for my soul; a dried barren waste land of dark despair.  In my greatest need, when I needed the most proof, I got what I needed the most.  This man picked me up, laid me on his cross, and carried me out of his desert.

About Brian O'Rourke

This website details my journey through life. It's also a repository for my pictures and documents I tend to collect. Check out the "About Me" for more information. Thanks, have a good day.
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