Almost the End of My First Week at Seminary

It’s almost the end of my first week of seminary.  I have a Latin class later today.  However, this does not mean I can relax.  I have much homework to do.  I also have the other requirements of the seminary with which to comply.  My next big adventure is my first spiritual direction here at the seminary.  It’s in the morning at 1000.  I asked my director for a two-hour session; primarily to start my seminary life off with what’s called a general confession.  It’s simply the sacrament where I confess all my sins up to now.  Even “old” sins which have already been dealt with.  Of course, since I am 50, I need a wee bit more time.

I know if I am to enter entirely into the life of the Church, I must open my past up for forgiveness and examination.  The devil cannot use my dark past against me if I am transparent.  By letting the light of Christ shine on my blemished and mottled soul, I can become clean by being washed in the blood of the Lamb.  Another reason for doing a general confession with my new spiritual director is because he will become my director for the next six years of my life while I am at seminary.  If I am to become a priest, I must be “formed” in the likeness of Jesus.  How can that happen if I am not completely honest about my sins with my director?

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