The Attic

Ohhhhhhhh…….the attic. Not the attic. Ohhhhhhh……..

I forgot I used it to hide stuff. I am not going through all that crap. Most of it are empty boxes of stuff I no longer own (TG!). And my uniforms are in duffel bags: class As, dress blues. More military plaques too. Some are huge. I want to be rid of it all but how? I feel it’s a crime to throw it all out. Like my Panama plaque. I was the last 550A (270A) Legal Administrator in Panama. Is it historically important or is it junk? I should call COL Borch at the Jag school and see if he wants it. I thought mom gave me one box of books. There’s five boxes of books. She wants them back. Mom? About those books.

All will be gone tomorrow. A little history relegated to the dung heap of a far off landfill.

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