Day Off and Some Really Big Questions

I have a day off. I am doing school work. I cleaned the kitchen. My wife is happy. The black widow spider is still doing well. I got her some more crickets. The other night, my son, little girl and I were watching as she was using her back feet to throw her silk around one of the crickets. She pretty much had it too. The cricket struggled free and spent some time cleaning herself. In the morning she had successfully webbed two of the crickets. I find it really soothing to be able to observe a deadly black widow spider within the confines of our home. I want my kids to be able to see nature in action without learning to judge nature as being harsh or evil. The earth is our mother. Why do we act so hateful against her? Why do we get all weird about getting wet when it is raining? I watched the Matrix the other day with my son. After the movie, we left the theater. It was raining. So many people just stood there waiting for the rain to stop or for someone to go to the car and pick them up at the curb. My son and I went to our car. We got a little wet. But we dried off.

My continuous happy thought is that I am within spitting distance of retiring from the military. Yahoo.

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