After Midnight

I got an Etrex Vista GPS. I like knowing where I am and this little baby tells me to within 15 feet. It’s like I email my good friend throwingstardna or tangledweave my map coordinates and they can like lob a 10 megaton bomb on me. Trash Charlottesville. I can’t wait to hit the Appalachian Trail in the morning with my hiking club and think about all the damage a 10 megaton bomb can do.

I have not eaten any meat since Tuesday (in fact I haven’t eaten much of anything since Tuesday). Today I ate coleslaw, egg salad sandwich, some mushrooms, and rice. I also had a protein shake. Earlier I had gone to the gym ran 3.5 miles, lifted weights, etc, etc.

This reminds me of the first time I was in Ireland. I was there for 30 days visiting my mother and father in law. I had promised the priest that conducted our my wife and mine wedding ceremony to do this special thing once I got to Ireland. So…I did do some personal time and completed the Loch Derg pilgrimage. It’s a place in County Donegal. An island in the middle of a lake is the site of the pilgrimage. It was raining and freezing. You walk around a church barefooted. Lots of rocks strewn the area. And it required a 3 day fast. The monks there supervised your every moment. You were not allowed to sleep either. The last night of the pilgrimage, they allowed you a four hour nap. Finally, one could only drink water. Once a day they allowed you to drink coffee or black tea. You can also have toasted bread. By the end of the pilgrimage, I was totally in a different state of mind. Totally in a different world.

This current diet of mine lacking meat reminds me of that. I am no small dude, work out a lot and my body is screaming for food. However, the nature of this Catholic religious fast is to rein in a body out of control.

I am glad I did not give up my beer. This would be total punishment.

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